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Desk Frame 2 - Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Frame

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Desk Frame 2 (DF2), is the intuitive full-frame solution by LINAK® for 2-leg desk designs. It is built around the all-in-one beam containing motor, electronics and cable wiring, and comes with lifting columns in a clean design.

The DF2 is of the well-known LINAK quality and performance similar to other 3-part columns. As standard, the DF2 features the anti-collision technology, Desk Sensor™ 1, ensuring that collisions with obstacles do not damage the furniture.

This structure allows an height adjustment from 21.2" to 47.3" on leveling feet and from 24.6" to 50.7" on casters. The DF2 frame beam can extend from 45 1/4'' to 68 7/8'' to fit different desk width configuration. The maximum capacity of the DF2 is 360 lbs (163 kg).

5 years warranty.


*in most North America area.

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The DF2 is very fast and intuitive to assemble as the few parts are carefully designed to be either clicked together or attached with only a few screws.

The DF2 has a clean design.

Disassembling tool included.

Recommended tabletop:

- 13/16" min. thickness

- 23" min. to 31.5" max. depth

- 46.5" min. to 72" width

Recommended LINAK feet:

- 22" for depth under 30"

- 28" for depth of 30" and more


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