Alternating positions

Telecommuting is starting to be heavy for everyone, it must be admitted. We feel that time is passing slower and many more distractions are within our grasp. We are therefore, in general, less productive. However, ErgoTables has found a solution to help you energize your telecommuting days and, in turn, to help you stay healthy. Here is our 1st article in our health - well-being section: the alternation of positions.

Several studies have shown that interrupting our periods of inactivity will greatly reduce their negative effects on our health. An essential tool to solve this problem of inactivity at work is therefore an adjustable and electric table or desk base. Since neither being in a standing position all day and neither being in a sitting position all day is ideal, the winning solution is therefore to alternate these two positions and to move the most possible during the day.

In fact, experts have claimed that for every 30 minutes, we should:

• Work in a seated position for 20 minutes
• Work in a standing position for 8 minutes

• Move and stretch for 2 minutes

Choose a system that can keep you active at work

Changing work habits isn't that easy, I'll grant you that. This is why our electric adjustable tables are equipped with easily usable technological systems and accessories that can help develop new habits.

System with integrated callback technology

The most visible part of a sit-stand desk is the desk panel. If a desk is easy to control, changing postures during the day becomes an easier task. Most LINAK desk panels include memory position functions, allowing users to store their favourite desk heights, and making it easier to switch between their preferred sit and stand position.

If you have any questions about our different systems, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

- ErgoTables Team