Amélie's industrial, but elegant trend

Telecommuting is starting to be heavy for everyone, it must be admitted. However, it is possible to give a new touch to our office to wake up our days, simply by changing our decor. Whether you have a small or a large budget, these ideas will guide you in your accessory research. Here is our second article, Amélie’s industrial but elegant trend.

First, since Amélie is passionate about industrial design, she chose to opt for a tapestry with a faux brick finish to affix to one of the walls in her office. This wall choice filling the space well, must be arranged with walls of pale colors like white walls in order not to give an impression of oppression and thus give the effect that the room is smaller than it is. is actually. She could also very well have chosen a dark tapestry, but elegant at the same time.

As for her desk, Amélie chose an electric tilting table model that was custom created by the ErgoTables team, using Linak brand electric columns, which adjust to the positions she wishes in order to carry out the numerous designs which it produces daily. The latter selected a black-colored base with a black-colored desk top to give a warehouse look. However, she could have selected a black base as well as a beige / wood desk top to give a slightly more rustic effect. The beauty of our electric height adjustable bases is that they allow you to reuse your own desk top if you wish, or to pick up one of our table tops available in store or online. So there is no need to have an exorbitant budget for renovations to your workspace.

As for accessories, Amélie obviously chose various industrial elements such as lamps with very specific bulbs. In addition, she selected other accessories in gold color to give a chic edge to her room and to add some sparkle. In order to coordinate well with her desk, the latter selected metal furniture and shelves, as well as a few other small accessories such as plants.

If you have any questions about the layout of your office, please do not hesitate to contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you.

-The ErgoTables Team