Manufacturer of standard and custom built electric height adjustable table.

Since 2008, Ergotables is a leader in manufacturing electric height adjustable tables.  We chose this niche market to improve your quality of life.

Whether it’s for your comfort, for prevention, rehabilitation or to reduce body pain (back pain), we are here to help you select the best height adjustable table satisfying your needs (standard or custom built).

Ergotables Raising your Expectations

Our team of enthusiast cumulate many years of experience in the field of height adjustable tables and will be able to assist you regarding these products:

  • Adjustable table
  • Rehabilitation table
  • Workshop table
  • Sit/Stand table
  • Adjustable kitchen counter
  • Reclining table
  • Acoustic walls, and more

We provide various services such as:
technical drawings, engineering, cabinetmaking, technician and tinsmith.

All our components are carefully chosen, mainly our LINAK actuators, which allow us to provide a high-tech and high quality product according your needs while always respecting your budget.

We offer a 5 year warranty for every adjustable table and ensure that you get a product that meets your expectations.